Eye Examination

You only have one set of eyes and so taking care of them is crucial. At McGraths we strive to offer the most comprehensive eye examination in Edinburgh, perhaps even Scotland.  Our state-of-the-art facilities are second to none in the capital, using the newest optical technology and latest techniques to give you the assurance and peace of mind you want when it comes to your eye health.

An eye test isn’t just about checking your prescription; it also helps us identify the earliest signs of common eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, many of which can lead to serious deterioration of your vision or even blindness unless treated early.  National guidelines recommend adults get their eyes checked by an optometrist every two years, whilst anyone over 75 and under 16 should visit their optician annually.

So what does a McGraths eye examination involve?

First and foremost each of our eye tests in Edinburgh are tailored to your needs and requirements.  Your eye test will last around half an hour and will begin with a chat about your eyesight, lifestyle, medical history and any concerns you might have, to give us a better insight into your visual health.

It will then typically include:

  • Binocular vision assessments to check how well your eyes work together
  • Intra-ocular pressure measurement
  • Determination of whether any optical correction is necessary using cutting-edge digital phoropters and test charts
  • Detailed assessment of your eye health using a zoom slit lamp biomicroscope
  • A visual field test and analysis

This information will enable us to analyse your eyesight, and identify any abnormalities, which might be a cause for concern.  We’ll then be able to offer you advice on any changes to your prescription, or recommend lifestyle changes that could improve your visual health.

If you have a family history of eye conditions or if you wish to monitor your eyes for any slight changes that could cause problems in the future, you can upgrade to our SUPERIOR EYE EXAMINATION, a monthly subscription package which includes OCT and Optomap scans with every examination.  These capture incredibly detailed images of the backs of your eyes, and allow us to monitor the tiniest changes over the years and pre-empt and treat symptoms that could lead to more serious visual deterioration.