Contact Lenses

  • Concerned about trying contact lenses for the first time?
  • Put off due to a bad experience in the past?
  • Ruled out due to your vari-focal prescription?

As more and more glasses-wearers seek freedom from their frames, contact lens technology has come on leaps and bounds. In the past few years they’ve become more durable, breathable and comfortable than ever before, and they come in a multitude of prescriptions – you can even get even bi-focal and vari-focal contact lenses so you don’t need to reach for your reading glasses.

With many different contact lenses to choose from, making the right choice for you is important and so our contact lens specialist is on hand to help you find the lenses best suited to your eyes and lifestyle. From initial fitting to ongoing contact lens advice, McGraths is always available to help. And if you’ve never tried contact lenses before we offer a trial appointment so you can experience the feel of the lenses, and get to grips with the process putting them in and taking them out before you decide whether you’d like to continue wearing them.

At McGrath’s, we only stock the highest quality contact lenses, each chosen for their supreme comfort and scientifically high performance. You can benefit from a wide variety of contact lens types including daily disposables, monthly and extended wear versions, bi-focal and multi-focal lenses and other specialist products. Our preferred lens technology and brand is the internationally-acclaimed Acuvue range by Johnson & Johnson, but we also stock a wide range of other options to cater for individual prescriptions, lifestyles and budgets. So whether you want to try contact lenses for the first time, or are looking to change your existing brand, book a trial or consultation with us today.

Did you know?

We can fit all makes and types of lenses including:

  • Daily Disposable lenses
  • Two weekly and monthly lenses
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Varifocal lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses
  • Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Specialist lenses (i.e. for keratoconnus)