Optomap Wide Angle Retinal Imaging

McGraths’ Optomap machine captures panoramic images of your retina, allowing our optometrists to analyse your visual health in minute detail and prevent visual impairment or blindness.

The state of your retina gives us optometrists a clear insight into your overall visual health.  Even the slightest damage can lead to significant vision loss, so it’s important to identify any abnormalities or symptoms of eye disease.

Traditional imaging techniques can reveal up to 15% of your retina, whereas Optomap scans capture a wide panoramic image showcasing over 80% of your eye’s interior surface area.  This enormous coverage gives us the unprecedented ability to identify and analyse the smallest changes to your retina and spot any abnormalities that could lead to visual impairment or sight loss.  The earliest symptoms of conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal tears or vitreous detachments can all be identified using Optomap eye scans, enabling us to offer advice and treatment before they inflict further damage.

But these Optomap eye scans can also give an intriguing insight into your more general health.  As the only part of your body where blood vessels can be observed directly, your retina can exhibit the first, otherwise undetectable symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart disease.  Our optometrists can also identify these signs and recommend treatment or referrals.

The Optomap eye scan process is simple and comfortable.  You simply look into the device with each eye and a quick flash of light will indicate an image has been captured.  You can then view these images immediately on a screen, and see – perhaps for the first time – your own unique eye map.

This groundbreaking technology allows us to build a comprehensive picture of your eye health as your vision matures, and identify the first symptoms of any retinal diseases.  This in turn means we can work with you to prevent the onset of conditions that could threaten your vision in the future.

To book your Optomap scan, simply book online or give us a call on 0131 225 7029.