Your vision is our number one priority, so we use the
best expertise and latest technology to assess your eyes


nautilus virtual reality
Try on a wide variety of different lenses before you commit with our 3D virtual reality headset from Essilor.
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3D Eye Scan (OCT)
Similar to ultrasound, this diagnostic technique uses light rather than sound waves to capture high-resolution images of the backs of your eyes.
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advanced screening technology
Our Optomap machine captures panoramic images of your retina, allowing us to monitor for the slightest changes to your eye health.
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Our contact lens specialist will work closely with you to offer comprehensive advice and help choose the lenses bespoke to your preferences.
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The Personal Approach to Optometry

At McGraths Opticians in Edinburgh, our commitment to our patients and our experience in the field of optometry sets us apart from the rest.

Established in the 1930s, our independent opticians has a long history of working closely with our community to deliver an exceptional level of service and only the highest quality products.